Water Pilot Helps Your Grocery Store, Supermarket Lower Water Usage by 15%-25%+


    Reduce, Monitor Water Usage at Grocery Stores, Supermarkets. Proprietary Water Technology Announced by Water Pilot LLC

    New proprietary water technology from Water Pilot LLC helps grocery stores and supermarkets monitor and reduce their water usage. Due to the large amount of water that grocery stores and supermarkets use every day, their monthly water consumption bills are typically quite high. With the Water Pilot, grocery stores and supermarkets of all sizes can significantly reduce their water-related expenses.

    The Water Pilot is precision-engineered and made from medical grade 316 stainless steel. It is an NSF 61 certified device that is installed within your current water system. The goal of the Water Pilot is to improve the accuracy of your water meter while simultaneously increasing the lifespan of your plumbing equipment and providing the user with real-time monitoring. Learn more about Water Pilot here https://gowaterpilot.com

    Within most water systems there is an internal paddle that measures the volume of water going through the system. Water companies use this measurement to determine how much to charge the grocery store or supermarket each month. However, these paddles cannot tell the difference between water and any air pockets that might be within the system. Store owners, therefore, end up paying for water they are not using.

    The Water Pilot is installed within the water system and works to compress these air pockets before they pass through the water meter. This allows them to go through the water meter undetected so that stores are not paying for air passing through the system. Read more about how Water Pilot works https://gowaterpilot.com/how-it-works/

    Besides helping to reduce monthly water bills, the Water Pilot also helps to reduce the number of plumbing repairs. The Water Pilot provides optimized pressure throughout the system, which is essential for long-lasting plumbing equipment and appliances.

    The Water Pilot also provides real-time monitoring of the water system to connect smart devices. Users can track the status of their water system right from their smartphones and instantly get an alert if there is an issue. Undetected issues like poor water pressure or leaks in the system can lead to long-term damage or higher costs, making it important to address these issues as soon as possible.

    Grocery store and supermarket owners interested in lowering their monthly water costs should contact Water Pilot, LLC to discuss installation. The installation process comes with an analysis of your current water consumption, an estimate of your projected savings, and free installation of the Water Pilot. Should your savings not reach the projected estimate, Water Pilot provides a 60-day money-back guarantee.

    Interested or know someone that might be? Learn more about how Water Pilot can save your grocery store, supermarket 15%-25%+ in annual water usage and about our referral program by listing here http://www.howtoreducewaterusage.com/ or by calling 970-379-9007.