Rare New Limited Edition Holographic Pokémon Playing Card Packs Boost Your Game


    We all know the feeling of ripping open a Pokemon booster pack to find it filled with useless cards. Now imagine how good it would feel to open a pack and instead find five amazing, rare and beautiful cards inside. You can today, with Golden Card Club’s new Shiny Pack.

    Golden Card Club, a Port St. Lucie, FL online retailer of all things Pokémon, has launched a new Pokémon Shiny Pack, including five rare authentic Pokémon TCG playing cards, all of which are guaranteed to be holographic. 

    Go to https://www.goldencardclub.com/products/shiny-packs-by-gcc to find out more! 

    The announcement of Golden Card Club’s new premium booster packs coincides with the recent 25th anniversary of Pokémon on the 13th of January this year. 

    Golden Card Club’s new Shiny Pack includes only premium, rare holographic foil cards, avoiding the common filler cards that many other booster packs contain. 

    In just one pack you can expect to receive five valuable and powerful playing cards. The sets offer a randomized selection from the following rarities: Reverse Holo Rare or Holo Rare Full Art EX, Mega Full Art GX, Tag Team or Tag Team GX, Full Art Trainer Mega EX, EXPrism, Holo Promo Break GX and Rainbow Rare GX.  

    Whether you are a child or an adult enthusiast, a player or collector, Golden Card Club’s shiny pack represents a pleasing purchase for any Pokémon fan. 

    In addition to this prestigious new TCG booster pack, Golden Card Club continues to sell its full range of both popular and limited-edition card choices, including Pokémon singles, booster packs and boxes, elite trainer boxes, graded Pokémon singles and more. 

    They also offer a carefully curated range of vintage, collectors and first edition cards subject to availability. 

    Golden Card Club was founded by a lifelong Pokémon TCG collector and enthusiast, with a mission to help customers ‘catch em’ all!’. Transforming a childhood passion into a business, Golden Card Club will become one of the US’ largest retailers of Pokémon playing cards, as well as a community hub for like-minded Pokémon fans. For great deals, please visit https://www.ebay.com/usr/goldencardclub

    A spokesperson for the company said that by selling only the highest quality card merchandise, they hope to “offer the same joy and excitement to other children and grown-ups who love collecting Pokémon cards as we do!” 

    Golden Card Club’s new Shiny Packs are described as a smile in every pack and are only on sale in limited supply. 

    Not just a gift but a memory, these Shiny Packs are guaranteed to make any Pokémon fan’s day!

    If you’re ready to have the greatest Pokémon booster pack of all time buy your set at the above link, or keep up to date with the latest in TCG and more by visiting the official Golden Card Club website at https://www.goldencardclub.com/collections/all