Reger Laser Sells Used Tanaka Metal Plate Lasers With 120-Inch Width Capacity


    Your trusted and official provider of New Tanaka Lasers in North America is selling five used models of Tanaka plate lasers. Varying in cutting capacity, these machines exhibit exceptional efficiency and accuracy.

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    If you own a metal processing company and rely on these powerful, high-tech machines, you can now purchase the industry’s leading plate lasers while keeping your expenses low.

    You can choose from five models of used Tanaka Laser machines: LMXV 6000b 2001 model, LMXVIIZ 6000ia 2008 model, LMRII 4000ib 2008 model, LMXVZ 6000e 2004 model, and LMXIII 3000D 1999 model.

    With cutting capacities ranging from 120” x 360” to 120” x 771” — four models share 120-inch width capacities. If you need to cut metal sheets as wide as 137 inches, the LMRII 4000ib 2008 model with its 137” x 720” cutting capacity is the one for you. Whatever your needs, you are sure to find the perfect used model with Reger Laser.

    Despite being used, Reger Laser assures you that these used models exhibit the same cutting accuracy, efficiency, and quality of any brand-new Tanaka laser cutting machine. 

    Tanaka Lasers has long been recognized as a market leader in the world of industrial metal processing. The company began research on using lasers to process metals way back in 1969. At this time, lasers had no practical use for cutting metals. 10 years later, in 1979, Tanaka released the metal processing industry’s first widely available laser-powered cutting machine.

    Another decade later, in 1989, Tanaka made another industry first by bringing an oscillator integrated-type medium-thick plate laser cutting machine to market — the LMX-TF2500.

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    As a pioneer of the global laser-cutting industry with more than 53 years of experience under its belt, Tanaka will always maintain a stark competitive advantage over other metal-cutting machine manufacturers.

    Since 2007, Reger Laser has sold industry-leading Tanaka plate lasers, serviced them, and offered technical support. Although it certainly isn’t the only reason for Reger Laser’s successful 15-year track record, the company’s partnership with Tanaka is the keystone that cements its spot as one of the Midwest’s top metal processing machine sales, service, and support providers. 

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    Reger Laser stands by all Tanaka laser models, both used and new ones, as more than capable of notching prolonged operating hours without sacrificing cutting quality.

    Don’t wobble or waver — upgrade and improve with a used laser. Find out more here:

    If you need better laser cutting machines but your budget won’t stretch to brand new models, Reger Laser has the solution. Check out their used models today!