RP Summit In Cherry Hill, NJ Enters Speculative NFT Merger With Onoma Studios


    Are you ready for a new way to play? We’re announcing a new merger that is set to release new play-to-earn NFT games before this year ends.

    Acquiring a percentage of shares in well-known game developer, Onoma Studios, RP Summit is set to release its first play-to-earn non-fungible tokens (NFTs) before 2021 ends. The goal is to help you to find, sell, and auction your favorite digital assets in a safe, decentralized marketplace.

    Learn more at https://rpsummit.com

    The new merger is expected to cast waves in the DeFi industry, as more players enter into blockchain technology and decentralized trading. Similar to cryptocurrencies, NFTs are digital tokens that are used in the exchange of real-world assets. However, unlike utility tokens which can be transferred with one another, NFTs are tagged with a unique code that makes them “non-fungible”.

    NFTs have lately been used in the media industry as artists expand how they sell and auction their work. Within a decentralized marketplace, artists, graphic designers, and even game developers can sell their NFT for a profit. Further, because NFTs are inherently virtual, the owner can still post their work online, with their NFT holders having some legal rights not related to distribution.

    It is a rapidly expanding industry, and one which the new merger attempts to tap into. RP Summit has developed a reputation for providing innovative digital marketing and business development solutions for small to medium-sized businesses in the area. By partnering with Onoma Studios, it hopes to develop play-to-earn games that also provide NFT trading capabilities.

    A spokesperson for the company says that while an exact date has not been set, the company expects to release its first NFTs by December 2021. The launch of these tokens will coincide with its new play-to-earn games.

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    Want to learn more? Schedule a discovery call with the team through their website. To practice social distancing, calls are made online.

    Exciting times ahead – especially for those interested in the DeFi industry. Go to https://onomastudios.com so you can learn more.

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