Samsung’s Bespoke 4-Door Flex Refrigerator Offers Style And Technical Precision


    If you’re in the market for a new fridge, and you want something really incredibly functional yet beautiful too, you’ve got to take a look at Samsung’s new Bespoke line of technically advanced, super stylish 4-Door units. They’re available online! Use the link below to browse around.

    Customizable, contemporary, and full of convenient options, the new line of refrigerators can be stylized to complement your kitchen color palette and layout, and can be temperature controlled by touch or by using the Samsung Smart Things app.

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    While most refrigerators are designed to preserve food freshness and fade into the background, the new Samsung line released by Appliances Connection is designed to provide flexible options and act as a statement piece.

    The 4-Door Flex unit comes with four cooling quadrants instead of the usual two or three.

    Doors on each of these quadrants let you customize colors! Choose from glass color schemes that include white, grey, rose pink, and navy, or steel options that come in champagne, navy, and matte black.

    This choice of materials and range of colors gives you all-over design flexibility with each half of the fridge – top or bottom – able to be color-coded to add unexpected detail to your kitchen interiors. Your friends are going to go nuts!

    The 4-Door Flex line also comes with a beverage center built into the upper left door – basically behind the scenes to preserve the sleek exterior. This beverage center comes with a water pitcher that automatically refills itself and a dispensing nozzle that can be removed and washed.

    The lower right quadrant of the refrigerator gives you five different temperature modes to choose from depending on whether you’re storing fruits and vegetables or meats and fish. This area of the fridge, called the FlexZone, can be used as a fridge or a freezer, and can be programmed to provide triple cooling, metal cooling, or precise cooling utility.

    If you prefer more traditional designs, the Bespoke line also comes in single and 2-Door units. If your kitchen is more compact, this is the style for you.

    Whether you rent or own a home or apartment, you can turn to Appliances Connection’s online store for a one-stop convenient shopping experience. The store carries every appliance and brand on the market today, and sales packages that offer extra value. The new line of Samsung refrigerators will give you greater utility, increased design options, and scale options that optimize even the trickiest kitchen layout.

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