Scientist Discovers Wierd Energized Water Requires 83% Less Current to Produce Hydrogen


    If you want off-grid energy, then you need to read this new research report written by an independent scientist. It covers how you can produce on-demand pure hydrogen fuel 24/7 using 83% less power than conventional electrolysis.

    That means you can generate your own clean, zero pollution power from the comfort of your own home!

    Do you want to run your car and your house on water? Well now you can, and the secrets are uncovered in this powerful new report.

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    Called Secrets of Using Water For Fuel, it highlights a special kind of water that anyone can make at home. It can be used to make unlimited hydrogen fuel, which offers a new window into sustainable living off the grid.

    The report has been published by David Davies, an independent scientist working from a small home workshop. Dave explains that, unlike solar panels, people will soon be able to switch on a hydrogen generator that will run throughout the day and night.

    This will allow them to create and store clean, safe hydrogen fuel that they can use to heat their house, run a farm, or produce 25kw of free electricity.

    What’s more, the decentralized clean power system will be able to run 24/7, providing a new fuel source for families.

    The report offers a range of insights for readers, who will discover why traditional electrical engineers could be wrong about the concept of over-unity.

    They will also uncover how researchers are getting between three times to 10 times more energy out compared to the paid-for energy input.

    While the prototype Plasma Arc Boiler still requires extensive development and testing, all the other components including safe hydrogen storage tanks are now available.

    Author and inventor David Davies says: “I’m confident that homeowners, ranchers and farmers will be able to purchase a clean energy system that makes its own furl from water within 180 days.” I’m assembling a small team of engineers right now.

    The decentralized power system can be set up anywhere in the world permitting off-the-grid power production. This can then be scaled up from a low of 10kw to megawatt scale power.

    The author states: “If you are serious about getting off the grid, or even just would like to lower your electric and heat bills you can download a copy of Secrets of Using Water For Fuel for just $37.”

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