Secure Your Home With Award-Winning 24/7 Access Smart Security Systems


    Keeping your home safe goes beyond adding an extra lock or a fence as a deterrent. Today, home security leverages state-of-the-art technology to ensure the safety of our property even when you aren’t home.

    Your home security system needs to adapt to lifestyle changes that define our time—the increase in package deliveries, increasing travel, and home rentals. Gunn Home Security now offers the Vivint Smart Home security system to keep your home safe from theft and intrusion. 

    The system features 24/7 monitoring and remote access, allowing you to control locks, alarms, and surveillance cameras. Traditional security systems rely on keys and security codes that can be bypassed or stolen. The Vivint Smart Home system gives you real-time information and control over multiple home systems.

    Customize your home security system and create your own custom network of cameras, locks, alarms, and access control systems. Monitor your doors with the Vivint Doorbell Camera and integrate security into your home with Amazon Alexa compatibility. 

    Smart home security technology packages feature several camera configurations including outdoor cameras and two-way ping indoor cameras. An intuitive home security app gives you alarms and alerts, security camera footage, and access to a wide range of security features at the touch of a button.

    The app-enabled home security suite in New York can be configured to pair with the Vivint thermostat, giving you control over your home’s climate control system. Access all features through your smartphone and enjoy 24/7 access from anywhere in the world. 

    Home security installation technicians ensure that a security system is fully functional before transferring control to you. 

    Get a free quote on your custom smart home security system from Gunn Home Security, the authorized dealership for Vivint Smart Home security packages and systems in New York.

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