Shapr App Connects Professionals Wanting to Expand Their Network


Shapr is a new app that connects users to professionals interested in expanding their professional network. The social networking app works much like Tinder, allowing users to swipe to build their network.

The app isn’t as professional as LinkedIn, but it allows for a fun, new way to add 10 – 15 professionals nearby.

Suggestions allow users to connect to professionals with like-minded goals, and build their network using an Android or iOS device. No small talk is needed to approach prospects for your network. Users just swipe right to connect with a professional.

The other user must accept your invitation to connect before being able to chat further. Professionals that mutually choose to connect can chat freely and can arrange a meeting if desired. Shapr suggests that the connections on the social network are deeper because users choose to connect.

Daily suggestions are provided to help users build a habit of connecting with professionals.

A maximum of 15 people are recommended a day. Recommendations are provided using job, industry, location and interests as filters to narrow down suggestions. The add-by-swipe feature allows users to eliminate excuses for not building their network. It takes seconds to expand a network, whether a user is on a bus, train or walking into the office.

The company uses a mindful way of connecting users together through a smart algorithm.

Reporting features are added into the app to allow users to report people trying to sell a product or service through Shapr. Millennials are flocking to the app due to the its quick and easy experience.

The company states that there are healthy numbers of older people using the app, too. These users are seasoned professionals, which allow millennials and all users to connect with seniors in higher positions.

Users that are relocating or starting their own business are using Shapr to build and grow their network.