Simple E-Bike Conversion Kit Can Power Any Bicycle & Takes Minutes To Install


Traditional-to-electric bicycle conversion is now faster and more accessible with Swytch, a conversion kit which should work on nearly all standard bicycles.

The Swytch kit is a lightweight setup which can be easily installed on any traditional bicycle to convert it into an electric bike. Though not unprecedented, Swytch is considerably easier to use than other conversion kits.

Lighter Than An E-Bike

The setup offers an accessible way to benefit from electric power while cycling, without the inconvenience of the added weight of the engine. At just two kilograms (four and a half pounds) without battery, the Swytch kit does not significantly increase the weight of the bike, with representatives stating that Swytch-equipped bikes offer similar ride quality as standard models.

Available autonomy on a single charge varies between 25 to 50 miles, depending on charge time, making the bike ideal for urban commuting – though less so for longer rides.

The kit comes with an integrated LCD display offering an instant view of speed, distance and trip times, nine power levels, and a Walk Mode for extra help when pushing the bike along. An USB charging output is also included, allowing cyclists to charge their smartphones or other devices.

And Cheaper, Too

One of the strong points of new conversion kit is its low price point – at about $700, it’s much cheaper than an electric bike. The development team believes that, with a potentially higher production down the line, the costs could come down even further.

Swytch has currently sold around 1,000 kits around the world, with another 1,500 soon to be available.

Oliver Montague, inventor of Swytch says: “Swytch is a completely unique product that is the result of four years of engineering innovation. We worked closely with our crowdfunding customers to develop a technology that is fit for purpose for both novice riders as well as cycling enthusiasts. This latest investment allows us to continue to innovate and develop new technologies.”

Swytch kits are available for purchase in UK, EU and USA from the official Swytch store at

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