Start Up Firm Can Convert Your iPhone into a Bidet


Suku Technologies, just one month after opening its doors in San Jose, CA, has announced it can convert any iPhone into a small portable bidet. The service is available for all versions of the device, including the Apple iPhone 7. When customers mail in their iPhone, the company makes a few modifications that allows the phone to be attached to a standard toilet seat.


A few small connections are all that are needed. Installation, according to the company, can be completed in under a minute once the user is familiar with the process. Instructions are provided in digital format so once can read straight from their iPhone on how to install and use the iPhone-bidet.


CEO Henry Kojasuku said, “Our service is a revolutionary new technology that takes the functionality of the iPhone to a whole new level.”


Suku Tech will convert any iPhone for $1,195.95, plus a $89.99 mail in and return fee.

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