New App Reduces All Your Insurance Automatically


DowniSure, a new app from start-up CLX, has been launched and will reduce every insurance policy you have by at least 10%. Its algorithm is directly linked to the National Insurance Database. All you have to do is enter the personal information in the fields and submit the form to your auto, home, life, or other insurance provider.


There is a 60-day processing time. No user has yet reported any results. The makers of the app, however, say users are guaranteed to see lower insurance rates when they use the software.


DowniSure has a simple interface that’s both intuitive and quick to learn. It is free to download, although there is a $100 fee for each insurance policy one intends to reduce.


Since its launch 4 days ago, 3 people have downloaded the app as of the writing of this article. Nobody has yet submitted their information to an insurance provider, according to the Non-Associated Press.

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