Simple Habit App Added to Google Play and Expands to Web App


Simple Habit, a startup that debuted their official app on iOS in June, launched their Android version of the app to expand their user base. The company is a first in the mindfulness space, offering a subscription service much like Spotify.

The company also opened a web version of their app to users.

Users from 115 countries have meditated using the app for a combined 20,000 hours. The app allows users to customize their experience and listen to meditations that address daily life changes of the users.

The company has a catalog of meditations that would allow users to listen to two years’ worth of meditations before running out of options. New meditations are offered on a weekly basis. the company’s service, much like Spotify, is a subscription service that offers 5, 10 and 20-minute meditation sessions.

Hundreds of specific topics can be chosen, from stress reduction to commuting, morning sickness and breakups. Multiple teachers offer insight into meditation, and users can choose to listen to teachers that provide the best experience for them.

Daily reminders are sent to users to remind them to meditate, and there is a strong sense of community in the app.

Monthly challenges encourage users from across the world to join the community and mediate.

The app has over 40,000 monthly users with 120,000 downloads. Free guided meditations are offered, and users don’t have to subscribe to the company’s service unless they want access to premium content.

There are 50 teachers that offer their meditation services through the app.

Niche meditation services are offered on the premium service, such as meditation for entrepreneurs. The company aims to be a leader in the mindfulness field. The company has introduced a lifetime plan for Android users and web users that costs $299.99. There is a $9.99 monthly rate, or a $69.99 rate offered for yearly subscriptions.

The lifetime plan is a popular request from users.