Stay Fit During The Corona Outbreak With This Pro Home Exercise Fitness App


    Reducing your outdoor time as much as possible is essential to keep yourself and your family safe during the current coronavirus outbreak. If you’re looking for the best way to workout at home, the updated PrimalThenics app is exactly what you need!

    PrimalThenics, a bodyweight training program, announced an update of its popular app to provide individuals with a research-based approach to staying fit and healthy. Ideal for those looking for efficient at-home workouts, the app allows you to choose between mobility, strength and cardiovascular fitness training programs that you can complete anywhere, anytime!

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    The latest announcement comes as more and more individuals throughout the world are looking for ways to stay active while minimizing their outdoor activities.

    Regular exercise is a key factor contributing to your optimal mental and physical health. The current coronavirus outbreak has restricted outdoor workout possibilities for many, making indoor bodyweight training a good alternative to remain active.

    PrimalThenics is a training program that features research-based bodyweight workouts for a wide range of health and mobility goals.

    The newly updated app allows you to join a thriving community of both amateur and professional athletes who work together to train smartly and efficiently.

    The workout sessions are delivered on a subscription basis and can be fully customized depending on the your preferences. All you need to complete your workouts at home is a towel and a water bottle!

    To ensure high standards of training efficiency, PrimalThenics is based on a scientific approach that facilitates the rewiring of the brain-to-muscle neurological pathways.

    You’ll benefit from professional sessions with guests ranging from Olympians to doctors, professional athletes and fitness bloggers.

    With the latest announcement, PrimalThenics continues to expand its range of high-quality fitness resources for individuals throughout the world.

    A satisfied user said: “PrimalThenics has built up my strength, mobility and flexibility to a point I have never experienced before. Core areas in which I lacked and saw as weaknesses are now strengths. This for me has been a complete turnaround in my performance and I am amazed at the improvements to my routine and overall quality of life!”

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