Teach Your Kids To Fish With This Telescopic Fishing Rod And Reel Combo


    If you want to get your kids interested in fishing, teach them a valuable survival skill, and spend family time outdoors, get them a fishing kit! Big rods can be hard for the kids to handle. They’ll love their own brightly colored rod with a tackle box and a carry bag!

    PhoenixHit launched its updated Kids Fishing Pole and Tackle Box Kit on Amazon. The kit contains a telescopic fishing rod with a reel and all the essential accessories a beginner needs to start fishing.

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    Fishing is an activity you can enjoy together with your kids during a camping trip or a picnic. Your kids will enjoy learning when to use the floating bobbers, jig heads, plastic worms, and crank baits. Fishing also benefits your children’s physical and mental development. It improves balance and coordination, teaches kids to focus, increases their attention span, and helps them learn patience and perseverance.

    PhoenixHit’s 66-piece fishing kit contains a fishing pole, a tackle box with many grids and two lids, various fishing accessories, and a carry bag. The fishing gear can be used for freshwater bass and trout fishing, saltwater fishing, or inshore fishing.

    The lightweight telescopic fishing pole, which measures 5 feet in length and weighs just 2.2 ounces, is suitable for kids of all ages. It features a non-slip EVA foam handle, a durable and flexible rod body, and a safe sealed spin reel. The pole folds to a compact 16.5-inch package.

    The kit includes soft lures, a hard lure, a spinner lure, hooks, sinkers, beads, swivels, bobbers, an alert bell, and other accessories. Everything can be stored and carried in a large-capacity camouflage zippered bag. The kit is a great present for your child’s birthday or any holiday!

    “This set is just perfect for my 6-year-old,” said a satisfied customer. “It’s got everything you need to start fishing and even comes with a handy carrying bag to help keep everything together and make it easily portable. It works well and reels smoothly.”

    With PhoenixHit’s Kids Fishing Pole and Tackle Box Kit, you’ll get your kids off their phones and tablets! Enjoy family time outdoors, have meaningful conversations with your kids, and teach them to appreciate nature!

    Go to https://www.amazon.com/Telescopic-Fishing-Inspire-Lifetime-Passion/dp/B08YS25FX3?maas=maas_adg_FD20950749E1AED2F5380E5A9235CD11_afap_abs&ref_=aa_maas to get your fishing kit!