The Objective Why Cogitate Games ltd. Makes the Best Crokinole Boards Worldwide!


    Crokinole can be played by 2 to 4 people. It can be a light family game, a party game, a feisty duel between friends, or otherwise. Woodestic is dedicated to making your playtime a premium experience with the best crokinole boards!

    1. Handmade Crokinole Boards

    Each Crokinole Board that you order is handmade with extreme love for the game and care for your needs. The Woodestic Crokinole Boards consume less energy and natural resources in the production process than mass-produced game boards.

    This is a purchase you can feel good about. The handmade Crokinole boards create local job opportunities and employment in their production. Since the Woodestic Crokinole boards are handcrafted only as per order, it prevents a lot of wastage.

    2. Superior Quality

    When a single board is being made at a time, it eliminates any production defects. Each board is a product of finesse that is visible in every fiber of its being. All the boards are inspected after completion and then packed, ensuring you receive the best Crokinole board there is.

    All Woodestic Crokinole boards are made from birch plywood, and the color for the play area and the ditches can be customized. This makes the boards a favorite among customers. You get to choose between walnut, cherry, or steamed beech colors.

    The maple wood discs are available in black, blue, natural, red, green, and yellow colors. The board surface is coated with several layers of lacquer before being polished.

    3. 30-Day Trial Guarantee

    You probably didn’t expect a board game to have a trial offer now, did you? Woodestic offers a 30-Day Trial Guarantee on its Crokinole boards. Under normal circumstances, every buyer gets a 14-day withdrawal right if the product disappoints them.

    However, you can extend the trial guarantee period by simply registering your board on the Woodestic website. This will allow you to test your Woodestic Crokinole board for 30 days. You can play the game for a month and see how you like it.

    There has never been a case of disappointment before, but if you happen to dislike the game or your board, you can return the complete set in its original box and get your money back.

    4. 97-Year Guarantee

    Did you read and then re-read that to ensure that you read it right? You’re not to be blamed! The 97-Year Lifetime Guarantee is loved by all customers.

    This means that if you come across a flaw in the product that compromises your Crokinole experience, it will either repaired or replaced for free, whichever is best suited. The minimum guarantee period for any Woodestic board is 1 year, which you can extend up to 97 years or a lifetime!

    5. Color and Vanish Scratch Warranty

    By now you know just how dedicated Woodestic is to ensure you love the game when you play it on their Crokinole board! If you happen to want a change in color after victoriously finishing several battles on your Crokinole board, you can choose a replacement color once.

    What fun’s the game with a newly colored board but an old set of discs? Your Crokinole discs can be replaced as well. Both, the color and scratch warranty services, can be purchased when you order your set. You can also opt for these services later on.

    At Woodestic, your money is valued. You can see that in the well finished boards and the concave/convex discs. The boards are glossy and pre-waxed so that you have a shiny playing area and the discs glide like ice!

    Woodestic has three predefined sets of Crokinole boards to choose from – Bronze, Silver, and Gold. Each set comes with additional accessories and guarantees to give you the most wholesome Crokinole experience ever!

    Foe more information:

    Woodestic also has a range of Mini and Exclusive Crokinole boards to help you find the best match for your home. The Mini boards are 61cms in diameter and the Exclusive boards are 78cms. If you want a small-sized board, the Crokinole Mini Premium Set is for you. And in case you are looking for a Crokinole board that no one else has, you’d want to go for the Exclusive range. You can send a picture to Woodestic and have your Exclusive Crokinole Board customized!