These Novelty Finger Sports Games Are The Best Ways To Pass The Time At Work


    Looking for a fun way to break up the monotony of the same old work routine, day in and day out? Challenge your coworkers and build personal traditions with these awesome finger games! 

    Ultimate Deals announced a new range of miniature tabletop finger sports games for worldwide customers. The 3-piece recreational activity pack includes Finger Curling, Finger Hockey, and Finger Table Tennis.

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    The newly launched product is designed to alleviate your boredom and relieve your stress in the office or at home. The miniature toys are suited to help players aged 12 and older to pass the time and improve hand-eye coordination with fun, calming games.

    A trio of finger games is included in the pack for your enjoyment at parties, at work, or at any place you can imagine. The portable activities are specially designed to be played anytime, anywhere, provided a flat surface such as a desk or tabletop is available! 

    The assortment of sports games features finger curling, which you can play with the included mini shuffleboard mat and six small curling balls. You’ll use your fingers to slide the balls while aiming to score points via colored targets. 

    You can also select finger hockey, using a miniature stick to shoot a puck on a rink mat. Two tiny toy figurines can further act as obstacles blocking the goal if you feel like ramping up the difficulty. 

    Finger table tennis is an especially popular game included in the selection, which comes with two paddles along with a ball and a desktop net. You’ll benefit from the challenge posed by each of the miniature sports games, which you can play competitively or for simple relaxation as a break from hard work. 

    To ensure maximum practicality, the toys are provided with minimally-sized equipment, ensuring that you can set them up and pack them away quickly and conveniently. 

    “It’s easy to get caught up in your day-to-day work life,” said a company spokesperson. “De-stress by bringing out your inner child with these fun desk toys. They’re perfect gag gifts for coworkers or anyone who works in an office. Triple the challenge means triple the fun.” 

    Looking for recreational desktop activities to play during breaks at work? You can become the talk of the office by showing your dazzling skills with this new trio of tabletop finger games! Click the link above to find out more!