This Big Music File Transfer And Sharing Service Can Send Your Projects For Free


    Are you looking for a file sharing service for your music files that can do large transfers? This new service can let you do that at zero cost.

    A UK-based company specialising in tools and services for the music industry has launched a file transfer service for musicians who need to send large files over the internet.

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    Music Gateway, a sync licensing agency, is now providing musicians with a means to send files of up to 3 gigabytes (GB) for free. The tool it developed can also send files bigger than 3 GB for users who register to its website.

    To start transferring, you may upload your files to the company’s website and then add your email address and that of your recipient. The transferred file will be accessible online for seven days.

    According to the company, it offered the system because musicians collaborate with other artists online, but are limited by the size of the file they are allowed to send without paying. It explained that one popular file sharing site allows up to 2 GB of files to be sent at no cost, but anything larger would require a monthly subscription fee.

    It added that its service is ideal for artists and producers who send particularly large files, such as music videos and projects produced through digital audio workstations.

    Music Gateway also said that the service is just a part of several online offerings it developed for artists. It has developed a band name generator, a streaming royalty calculator, a lyric rhyming tool, and a converter that changes large WAV files to an MP3 format.

    Its entire library of tools can be accessed at

    Moreover, the agency provides a number of services that aim to help artists grow their following and break through to the mainstream music industry.

    Its sync licensing service allows artists to submit their music online, which is then pitched to its network of TV production companies, ad agencies, game publishers, artists and repertoire representatives, and more.

    Its website is also a collaboration platform where musicians can post a project and network with other potential collaborators globally. Furthermore, the company offers a series of promotional and marketing campaign offerings to budding musicians who want to grow their listeners on streaming sites.

    Why spend on a file sharing subscription unnecessarily? Log on to Music Gateway and start sending out your work for free!

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