This Business Valuation Platform Can Tell You The Real Time Value Of A Company


    Do you want to know the real market value of your business, but you lack the necessary financial skills? This platform can tell you what you need to know, so you can make smarter decisions. 

    Simplex Financials, a financial technology firm focusing on small businesses, has introduced Path, a software designed to estimate the value of an enterprise in real-time.

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    The company wants to provide business owners like you with a means to make better business decisions through advanced value analysis and tracking.

    According to the company, the insights gained from its platform can be used to formulate exit strategies, as well as actions that can further increase the value of your enterprise.

    Path is capable of producing “business snapshots” that display the estimated present value of your business. These snapshots also show the critical events that may positively or negatively impact this figure.

    The platform also features the Earnings Approach, an option that can help you better understand a company’s worth. According to the company, you can use this feature to intelligently forecast a favorable exit strategy.

    Furthermore, the system is capable of running “what if” scenarios, which are useful in uncovering potential revenue opportunities hidden within your operation. This feature is aimed at those who lack the skills to understand complex financial analyses as the software does everything for them.

    Simplex Financials stated that Path’s snapshot feature was introduced to address the need of the market for a simpler way to appraise businesses. Its research revealed that less than 40% of business owners have had a formal valuation of their companies in the past three years.

    In one of its examples, a client who wanted to retire decided to sell her successful ice cream company, but became worried after realizing that she doesn’t know its true market value.

    “She has never conducted a valuation on her business or given any thought to what she may need in order to retire,” a company spokesperson said.

    With the help of Path, she was able to assess the real-time value of her ice cream shop, which allowed her to sell it at the optimal amount.

    “This platform is the first of its kind,” the spokesperson said. “We designed it to help business owners understand the current standing of their company and what they need to do to shape a better future.”

    Don’t sell your company without checking with Path first. Schedule a demonstration now and see this powerful platform in action!

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