This Crypto Gives Back To The Community – Purchases Helps Infertility Charities


    Let your investments make the world a better place, by investing in the cryptocurrency that gives back! Punani Tokens will do more than just make you money, they’ll help you make a difference.

    Punani Coin, a community-driven cryptocurrency, has launched its list of milestones based on its number of token holders. Milestone events include deciding which non-profit the community will benefit, and giveaways at various market caps.

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    The milestones launched by Punani Coin are half unlocked currently, and include applications for various crypto-related services, as well as community decisions. The other half of the milestones remain to be detailed at 10,000, 25,000, and 50,000 token holders. A special announcement is planned for the 100,000 holder milestone.

    The coin has security against collapse through locked-in liquidity for six years. Every purchase of the coin includes a small transaction tax that is used to build the price floor of the currency. 3% of your purchase is reinvested into the liquidity of the coin, while 6% is redistributed back to the token holders like yourself.

    A major goal of the Punani Token community is to give assistance to those who need it. The community works with various charities and organizations they deem helpful to the world, focusing on those organizations that deal with diseases and women’s social issues. Of particular concern to the Punani Token community are foundations that are working to help with infertility and cervical cancer.

    Recently Punani Tokens have been partnering with various visual artists to commission and create NFT’s or non-fungible tokens. These are online assets that have become increasingly popular recently within artistic and tech communities. Punani Token is set to announce a new partnership soon with what they describe as “one of the icons of a key element of Hip Hop.”

    Some of the recent collaborations between Punani Tokens and artists include Shivam Chauhan and Chicago-based artist Romewon. There are also some original creations from the founder of Punani Tokens, who goes by the name Mr. Crypto. If you wish to see these NFT’s, or to find the latest news on Punani Tokens, a Twitter feed dedicated to the cryptocurrency is available here

    For those wishing to join the Punani Tokens community, there are only a few simple steps. First, you need a cryptocurrency wallet, and then funds, before you can begin purchasing Punani Tokens. Full details about how to set up a wallet, and join the community, are available on the Punani website.

    If you’re ready to make an investment that will make a difference, visit their website and learn how you can make money, and help people out at the same time. You’ll feel better about your investment, and you’ll be helping out some worthy charitable organizations.

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