Which Is The Best Course Building Platform App? Xperiencify vs Mighty Networks Review


    Are you looking for a membership site building app?

    A recent report by Zapier, featuring an in-depth comparison of the best platforms for building and selling an online course, named Xperiencify the best platform for gamifying an online course. Xperiencify is our favorite membership site technology: we are highly impressed by its 7 powerful psychological triggers that any user can easy embed into their online course to boost the student engagement and retention by 10-30 times. It is full of the best tools and resources for knowledge entrepreneurs, course creators and creative people like you.

    You can find the comprehensive review of the software platforms by Zapier at https://zapier.com/blog/online-course-platforms .

    Xperiencify is a powerful course creation platform by Marisa Murgatroyd that enables users to deliver an amazing online course that students are excited to pay for. Priced at $49 a month, users who sign up for the Xperiencify platform get access to an innovative solution that helps them build a high-quality digital product from the ground up.

    A spokesperson for Xperiencify explained: “Xperiencify combines gamification, adult learning theory and the psychology of motivation to create an unforgettable experience that gets anywhere from 10-30x the industry-standard results for your customers and your business.”

    Numerous course owners have already made the switch to the new powerful course creation platform Xperiencify. A user who has made the jump from Kajabi to Xperiencify shared: “I have used pretty much every [course creation] platform and this is beyond easy to use. I’m in the middle of transferring all my programmes across.”

    Xperiencify is a sophisticated software that makes it easy to create an online course: it equips users with the necessary tools, resouces and training to launch marketing campaigns, build community pages, add supporting documents to their lessons, and design the perfect course website. The powerful gamification tool praised in the Zapier report empowers course instructors to boost the course participant’s engagement, increase repeat purchases and reduce refunds.

    The Xperiencify software dramatically cuts down on time and course production costs. The platform offers more features than its similarly-priced competitors. Besides, the platform is perfect for scheduling course content, supporting student interactions and delivering evergreen webinars.

    Discover all amazing features of the course building platform Xperiencify at http://xperiencify.com/ .