Whiteboard Video Firm Offers Groundbreaking Doodle Animation Creation Platform


    Are you interested in creating video marketing materials but don’t have the budget or skills to do it? DigiFire Media has a turn-key solution for you.

    DigiFire Media, a technology company based in Tallinn, announces the launch of its video animation software. Called VideoPen, the new solution allows you to quickly create professional-looking and engaging doodle animations.

    Learn more by visiting https://videopen.eu.

    The firm says the newly launched software provides your company with a cost-effective way to produce audio-visual materials. This is consistent with data that shows that 78% of brands have generated more traffic through video content.

    VideoPen is especially useful if you do not have in-house talent or lack the marketing budget to hire an external video production agency. It is also a great option if you are a content creator, teacher, freelancer, YouTuber, or blogger.

    The company says that usability was a key factor during VideoPen’s development, as most people do not have the technical know-how for video creation. Hence, the interface was designed to simplify and streamline the creation of doodle animations as much as possible.

    VideoPen offers video templates that you can simply fill in with visuals, text, and voiceovers, similar to slideshow programs. It has a drag-and-drop experience, which allows you to quickly add or change design elements as you see fit.

    It also comes with a suite of turn-key features that support video creation, such as 160 voice talent options, over a million doodle assets, a royalty-free music library, and more than 300 video templates. There is also a one-click translation engine that automatically converts text into more than 60 languages, including German, Chinese, French, Portuguese, and Dutch.

    The company says that animated doodle videos can support a wide variety of goals, be it lead generation, sales campaigns, or product demonstration. Videos can be exported in various formats and sizes so they can be posted on platforms such as Facebook and YouTube.

    It adds that doodle videos retain subject attention by 15% more than a live-narrative film. Moreover, this video format is three times more likely to be shared and can increase referrals to offers by 32%.

    Now, creating polished videos has never been easier thanks to VideoPen. Get in touch with DigiFire Media to learn how to access this software.

    You can find more information about DigiFire Media and VideoPen through https://digifire-media.business.site/posts/3177222409686472999?hl=en-US.