Write Compelling TV Character Arcs With This HBO Producers Updated Guides


    Struggling to write good TV and film characters? You’re about to discover the practical resources you need to create memorable characters that will drive your story and make it incredibly compelling!

    Marc Henry Johnson, best known for producing the popular HBO series The Deuce, launched an updated series on writing realistic characters for TV and film. Aimed primarily at beginner screenwriters, the resources offer practical tips on creating a useful character profile, developing the character arc, and many others.

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    The newly updated guides aim to provide practical character writing tips that can you can easily apply to any type of screenwriting project.

    Marc’s first resource in his Writing Character series focuses on creating a character profile. An essential tool for any writer, the profile should be as detailed and specific as possible. Though you probably won’t use all the info in your work, covering as much ground as possible is essential to create a rounded, complex and realistic character.

    The update also includes the second part of the Writing Character series – developing a compelling character arc. Marc makes an important distinction between character arcs in novels and in screen productions: while the generous space available to novelists means that multiple characters can have a detailed arc, in film the arcs apply almost exclusively to the main characters.

    Marc’s guide to character arcs include a discussion on creating conflict and using it as the leverage point for a compelling arc, as well as various other essential tips for screenwriters.

    On his YouTube channel Marc offers a variety of general information on other screenwriting and producing topics, including how to change a story and how to sell it to a producer. His videos can be found at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UcmeIdL_lzs7z9wKdAJzljcg.

    The latest announcement is in line with Marc’s commitment to providing high-quality resources for those new to the movie and TV industry.

    Best known as a writer and producer for The Deuce, Marc has won numerous awards including the Dramatic Jury Prize at Sundance and a Peabody Award. More information on his work can be found at https://www.imdb.com/name/nm0425717.

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