4 Apps Making Headlines in October

Many mobile smart phones line up to purchase applications at a store marked Apps symbolizing a computer based marketplace for downloadable software

October has been an exciting month for apps. A variety of apps have made headlines for their innovative features and smart design concepts. Facebook’s Messenger has been modified to help users keep the conversation going, and other apps hope to change the way people meet in the dating world.

1.     Facebook Messenger Recommends Conversation Starter

Facebook is working on a new way to keep users on its social media platform. The company is said to be working on new features for Messenger that offer “conversation topics.” TechCrunch stated that the test is limited at this time.

Recommendations use a user’s recent past.

A friend that visited the Grand Canyon may want to talk about their experience, and this would be one of the conversation recommendations provided by Messenger.

The feature first came to light last month by a U.K. user.

The feature may be an attempt to meld the Messenger and main app together into one offering.

2.     Swrve App Helps Engage Mobile Users With Conversations Feature

Swrve introduced a new in-app mobile solution called “Conversations.” The mobile marketing platform created Conversations as an attempt to help users of the app create and deliver notifications.

The drag-and-drop interface allows in-app messages to be created based on triggers.

Available on Windows 10, iOS and Android, the app is geared towards markets. High quality images are recommended, and engagement data shows that Conversations increases engagement by as much as 200%.

Conversations can be integrated into platforms in a matter of minutes.

The feature is trigged in the app, and this helps customers be able to plan for interactions. The feature will not be a standalone offering at this time.

3.     Jitjatjo Offers Uber Experience for Restaurants

Jitjatjo is a new app that is expected to become a mainstay in the food industry. The app allows restaurants to be able to connect to workers in a matter of seconds. Workers can enable the app and become “available” to pick up shifts when they’re needed.

Workers will be able to pick up shifts at restaurants, bars and other food-related companies and get paid once they clock out for the day.

The app works as an HR manager from the screening process to payroll. Users can even continue working with the venue, which will allow the app to be used to handle payroll.

It’s a fast way for restaurant workers to make more money and keep their day booked when shifts may be dwindling.

The app is free, and it matches restaurants with employees. On-demand training, instant pay and flexible schedules are offered to employees. Personalized gig matching enables restaurants and employees to team up to fill positions and make money.

Jitatjo withholds taxes, and users can earn as much as $30 an hour.

4.     The League: An Exclusive Dating App

Created by Amanda Bradford, The League is a new way to use apps to find dates. The app, debuting on October 26, has 2,000 founding members, with more users to be invited over time. The app works with a diverse group of users, and it doesn’t require an Ivy League degree.

Bradford does state that the degree would help.

The goal of the invitation-only app is to help find compatible partners who have similar professional goals.

The app’s algorithm will screen applicants based on:

  • Facebook and LinkedIn accounts
  • University degrees
  • Titles
  • Employer
  • Network size

A human review will be done to those that have been able to pass through the robust algorithm. Referrals from friends give priority admission, and the app does have a $179 annual upgrade for further customization.

The app works to “curate” users who have similar interests, education and career goals.