Tribe App Takes New Approach to Video


Tribe 2.0 is here. The relaunched app brings new life to video chat, which has been stagnant for years. The company’s app, built by a team of 9 employees, does video differently. Built on the concept of friends, the app allows users to chat quickly and easily via video, but the company uses layered video for their solution.

There isn’t a live component to the video. Users will send video, brief 15 second clips, much like they do with text messages.

The app uses voice recognition to learn spoken words, which will be placed on top of the video automatically. A good example of this would be someone mentioning Selena Gomez in their message. The words “Selena Gomez” may pop up on the screen, which can then be clicked to bring up more information about the singer/actress. Users will also be able to click through to the singer’s Instagram or Twitter accounts.

Google’s speech recognition software is used to power the app.

The goal of the company is simple: “to make video a habit.”

Users will have a whole new way to get into the context of a video message. They will even be able to view weather and location information if they chose to. Tribe will aim to become the new way of “texting,” and with powerful integrations, it provides a whole new layer of interactivity to the way video is sent.

The company hopes their app will be used to make dates, make plans to go to the movies and act as a new, fun way to use video that is different from Snapchat.

The app is available on iOS and Android.

Users can begin sending a video message to their friends by just clicking on their face. “Magic Words” are used to add more layers to the video, such as the link to celebrity profiles. Users will have to find all of these “Magic Words” for themselves, adding another layer of fun to the app.