Twitch Mobile App Adds Camera Streaming, Swiping Options and an Enhanced UI


Twitch has updated their iOS and Android apps to change the way that people stream. The primarily video game streaming company has introduced a new, key feature that allows mobile streaming through the app. Users can expect more personal videos popping up on their feeds as a result.

The app also introduced new navigation and interface options to enhance the user’s experience.

Broadcasts are available through the new app, but users still can’t live stream games through their mobile device. The move coincides with Amazon’s plans for the company to introduce non-gaming content via Twitch IRL.

The company is also working on ways to expand the benefits of the platform to content creators. Subscription options are going to be available to help affiliates with smaller viewer counts earn money and continue with their content creation efforts.

Twitch states that their app has 83 million installs across all mobile platforms.

Pulse has also been integrated into the app and works to help users find new content that they may like to watch. The advancement that Pulse provides allows users to find new content through the social-network feed. Instant playlists are also recommended by just pulling down on the screen with your finger.

The goal is for the app to further promote content creators while now also giving them the option to provide more content to their fans.

The iOS version of the app also includes dark mode, which allows users to change the elements of Twitch to a darker color in the evening. The darker color option allows users to view the content better in the evening when lighting isn’t quite as bright as during the day.

The app will also offer language rankings, notifications that are similar to the desktop version of the site and swiping options that help make navigating through the app more fluid and user-friendly.