Feather, a New York Startup Now Offers High-End Furniture Rental in NYC and SF


Feather, a New York-based startup, is offering mid- to high-end apartment furniture through its rental service program. The company plans to cater to people transitioning between the end of their education and starting a family.

The company’s motto is “Stop buying. Start renting.” The offer, geared towards the flexible and modern lifestyle, is currently offered in New York City and San Francisco. The company also provides the delivery and assembly of the furniture, making it a smart choice for the on-the-go individual who needs furniture for their “in-between” home.

TechCrunch reports that the company has been quietly offering their service for two months, and has $8,000 in monthly recurring income and $50,000 in booked revenue. The company is considering a rent-to-own option in the future, but the option is still being considered by the company.

The company currently offers delivery to all five New York boroughs and even picks up the items when the lease ends. The company is offering their service in three main tiers: Standard, Hip and Premium. The tiers are considered categories, with each tier being a different price class of items.

Delivery costs $99, while pickup costs vary based on the size of your order.

Clients who need rush delivery options will find that most deliveries are processed within three days, with the company willing to work with clients to offer further expedition of furniture.

The shortest lease option is three days.

The company is a part of T Combinator Summer 17 and was founded in 2016. The company, founded by Jay Reno, went through one seed funding round, securing $120,000 from one unnamed investor. The funding was provided in June 2017, according to Crunchbase.

The company told TechCrunch that they’ll be offering complete furniture packages in the future that allow for a one-click, total home package with a monthly membership fee. Users will even be able to swap out items they don’t like.