Pokemon GO’s New Gym Updates and Co-Op Go Live


Pokemon GO’s highly anticipated gym and raid (co-op) update is finally going live, but the patch notes indicate that there’s more to this update than anticipated.

Along with the raids and changes to the way gyms work, there are two smaller additions in the patch: search feature for Pokemon collections and visual icons for unvisited PokeStops.

The update is currently being rolled out on Android and iOS devices.

Gyms have been updated to include the new motivation system. A new Gym Badge feature has also been added as well as an in-app and push notification system.

A new cooperative game experience has been implemented into the game as Raid Battles. Players can acquire four new items by completing Raid Battles, and you can find battles using the Nearby screen.

Raids were expected to be rolled out over the course of a few weeks after the gym rework was launched and only in select areas.

The patch notes indicate that all of these updates are being launched at the same time.

More gyms will be available to players, and they can now be spun like PokeStops. Legendary Pokeman can also spawn as raid bosses, which can be defeated and captured.

Pokemon GO’s update comes just one month ahead of Pokemon GO Fest in Chicago. According to a report form Mashable, demand for tickets is so high, scalpers are reselling tickets for hundreds of dollars.

Tickets for the event went on sale Monday at $20 each, but sold out in just 15 minutes. Tickets are now popping up on Stubhub and eBay with ticket prices ranging from $150 all the way up to $1,000.

Niantic’s first festival around their popular mobile game will be held on July 22 at Chicago’s Grant Park.

Players will have the chance to meet up with other Pokemon GO enthusiasts, and gain access to more Pokemon encounters and special PokeStops. Festival goers will also get the chance to work with other players to complete unique challenges.