Sarahah App is Reportedly Having Server Issues


Sarahah, an app created by Zain al-Abidin Tawfiq in Saudi Arabia, provides users with one thing: a text box and the encouragement to “Leave a constructive message.” The goal of the app, named after the Arabic word for “honesty,” is to have users pour their deepest and most honest thoughts.

But the app is now reportedly having server and log-in issues.

The app has become somewhat of a fad. A few weeks after its overseas launch in February, the BBC said the app had 20 million users.

While some users say they have gotten a few “wake up calls,” most say they have received positive, upbeat messages.

The app allows users to send messages anonymously to those in their network. Users cannot reply to messages, but many are taking screenshots of their messages and posting them to social media to reply with the hashtag #Sarahah.

Sarahah developers released an app version of its service in June, and has since risen to the top spot in the free apps category after just three months.

Now, the app is facing server and log-in issues due to an increased influx of users. Some people are able to log in, but are having difficulty sending or receiving messages from other users.

The company has yet to comment on the issue, so it may be some time before the service is back up and running as usual.

While many people have had positive experiences with Sarahah, many others have not. Experts say the service is the ideal platform for cyber bullying due to its anonymous nature. Users do have the option of reporting a message or blocking a user.

As of right now, the app still has limited options, and there is no way to delete your account through the app itself. The only way to remove an account is through the website version of the service.