A Look at Some Quirky Gadgets; Factron iPhone Case, Solar Vest, Vacuum Tube Chess Set and Battleship Drinking Game


Here are some quirky gadgets which can colour up your collection or add a dash of quirkiness to your work table. Artists have used traditional gadgets and created new innovations when it comes to the designs, thus giving mundane things like USB flash drives a new look. Want to know more? Read on.

An Old School Game with a New Twist
An Old School Game with a New Twist

Drink Away the Night with the Battleship Drinking Game

The first one is the Enigma Battleship Drinking Game. For those of you who would spend time in classes playing battleships with your classmates, you will relate to this one. This is one of the most innovative modifications of the battleships game that has ever been released. This was designed by Mauricio Harion from Brazil. Instead of ships there are different shot glasses. You play the usual game of Battleship but every time you are hit, you have to down a shot. The game has a really slick look. You are bound to have a blast while playing it but ensure you don’t get hit too many times or you may end up sunk, as opposed to your battleship.

A Rare Game of Chess

This is for the budding Gary Kasparov’s all over the world. If you spend hours over the chessboard then isn’t it time you get yourself a brand new and different looking chessboard, instead of the usual ones which are so boring in black and white? Artist Paul Fryer has come up with the brand new concept of the Vacuum Tube Chess set. This is a limited edition version as only seven sets of the Vacuum Tube Chess set were made. Once you plug it in the pieces on the board all light up. All the pieces look the same. However there are symbols on the top of each tube piece to tell you what each piece is meant to symbolize.

Instantly Upgrade your iPhone Pictures
Instantly Upgrade your iPhone Pictures

Take Better Pictures with your iPhone

This is for all the click-happy shutterbugs that use their iPhone cameras to click pictures. If you really want to click high quality digital pictures without having to use a digital cameras then buy the Factron iPhone Case. This is an iPhone case from the Factron stable. However this case comes with a twist, it lets you attach a Fisheye lens to the camera of your iPhone. This is detachable and you can attach it at your convenience. Now you can no longer complain about the quality of cell phone camera pictures!

Strap on Solar Vest for Energy in Every Situation

Though this sounds and definitely looks a little strange, the solar vest is definitely a useful thing. This has four inbuilt solar panels and a battery which has 8,800mAh of power. And the best thing about this strange vest is that the battery is rechargeable. There is also a sign on the back of the jacket which boldly proclaims “solar vest”.

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