Some Brand New Gadgets and Technology; Windows 7, Fuji Fine Pix S1500 and InfoSonics Wireless Handsets


The InfoSonics i410 is Perfect for Music
The InfoSonics i410 is Perfect for Music

InfoSonics Wireless Handsets

Here is some good news for music lovers. InfoSonics has finally declared that the i300 and the i400 wireless handsets will now be available on the market for purchase. These are now being shipped in South America as well as Central America. There is a speakerphone and the music player has really high sound quality, which is good news for anyone who is used to dealing with shoddy gadgets. This really is one of the must have items that has come out recently for music lovers all over the world. You can now spend time listening to songs with a real good and crystal clear sound quality. 

On top of the sound quality the micro SD stores a large range of data. The i410 is a quad-band cell phone and has a 1.8 inch main display as well as a 1 inch external display. The camera in the phone can also be connected to a computer and used as a webcam. There are two colors in which this phone is available right now and they are black and blue. 

Emergence of Windows 7

Windows 7 is creating a lot of hype all over the world as people are going crazy over the latest offering from the Microsoft stable. With its new features and advanced User Interfaces, Windows 7 is something that computer users all over the world are looking forward to. Finally, Windows 7, as well as the Windows Server 2008 R2, has been released for manufacturing. This had to undergo numerous modifications before Microsoft finally took the step of releasing it to manufacturing. The tentative date for availability for Windows 7 is set for October 22nd, 2009 but we all know that this may be pushed back a number of times until Microsoft really feels it is ready.

The Fuji Fine Pix S1500 is High Class and Easy to Use
The Fuji Fine Pix S1500 is High Class and Easy to Use

Fuji Fine Pix S1500

Fuji Film has finally released the Fine Pix S1500 in India and other parts of the world where it was not yet available. This is a 10 mega pixel camera, and has wide angle and versatile Fujinon 12x optical zoom. There are also features like Panorama Shooting Mode and Instant Zoom. This camera can be used by anyone of with any level of skill, and doesn’t require hours of practice to perfect like most high range cameras. The camera has a Dual Image Stabilization which makes sure that there is minimal blurring of images and thus ensures a high level of camera quality. Then there is the Tracking Auto Focus, which as the name suggests allows the user to keep a moving subject within the focus. Don’t forget the Instant Zoom which can be used to configure really high and advanced Zoom settings. The other features that make the  Fine Pix S1500 a top draw are Continuous Shooting Mode, Scene Recognition Auto, and High Speed Playback or Micro Thumbnail View. There are ISO levels of 6400, which is the maximum possible at the moment. The LCD is 2.7 inch. It has 52 MB of internal memory and supports formats like jpeg, avi and wav. It really is a camera to be reckoned with and is going to gather a lot of steam now that it is readily available across the world.

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