Food for gizmo thought: Edge Lit LED TV, ViewSonic, Palm WebOS 1.1, Microsoft Sales, Toshiba 19LV612U


Samsung’s New LED Edge Lit TV

Samsung has recently launched the LED edge lit LED TV and people are going ballistic over this latest offering from the Samsung stable. There is the 46 inch UN46B7000 which has internet connectivity with DLNA and Yahoo Widgets as well.

viewsonicViewSonic Taking Charge

We all know that Viewsonic is a company best known for making good monitors, but recently it seems that the enterprise is now trying to widen its base and further capture the market with a wider range of computer related products. For starters they are working with nettops, netbooks, media PCs, and even media players. Thus as one can see, all these products are from the small form segment of computers. There is the Atom-based VOT 120 / 121 and 130 / 132 nettops ,Core 2 Duo-based VOT 530 / 550 media PC , with Blue-Ray as well as remote control, VNB 100 / 101 netbooks, new VPD 400 and 500 media players, with a 4.3-inch and 5-inch screen, and 8GB and 16GB of storage.

palm-webosPalm WebOS 1.1

The Palm webOS 1.1 has just been released so you can update your favorite little gadget. There are a few modifications in this latest version and it also allows media sync to work with the latest iTunes, which is the 8.2.1 version. Also, there are emoticons as well as Exchange support. Then there is an added bonus for all sports lovers as there is NFL Mobile Live. This is an application which you can use to watch games and hear audio all season long. Scrolling through long contact lists is a little better and more efficitent. Also, the time taken to load applications has seemed to significantly decrease.

microsoftMicrosoft’s Struggling Sales
Microsoft seems to be facing quite a lot of hiccups when it comes to sales. This is bad news for the software giant as, for the first time in its rather eventful and vivid history, there was a drop in sales in its first fiscal year which ended in 2009. There was a sizeable decline of about 3.2 percent in its sales and net profit fell to $14.57 billion in the third quarter. Also, in the fourth quarter sales fell even lower, by around 17 percent to 13.1 billion. Profits fell by a huge 29 percent, to $3.05 billion. Microsoft announced that causes for the decline were legal issues and also severance claims which were from laid off employees. Also there has been a decrease in sales in PCs and servers all over.

tv-kitchenToshiba 19LV612U Revolutionizes Watching TV………In the Kitchen

There have been many kitchen-friendly television sets in the past, but this one really sets a new mark in this segment of the TV industry. Toshiba has just launched the 19LV612U, and this has simply blown away all competition in the sector with one simple master stroke. This is called the Stainless Steel Style TV series. It has a built-in slot-loading DVD player, integrated ATSC / NTSC / QAM TV tuner, and a 1,366 x 768 native resolution. On top of all that it has a stainless steel coating which makes it a big draw, and effectively blends in the television with the rest of your kitchen. Other features include a 1,000:1 contrast ratio, five millisecond response time, HDMI / VGA inputs, a headphone jack, and VESA mount support. You will never look at TV watching in the kitchen the same ever again.

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