Airbnb App Revamps App to Add New Tools and Improve Messaging


Airbnb has revamped their app. The company gave their app a huge makeover with the company adding its new travel services to its app. The new, updated app will provide a calendar for hosts that will allow people that open up their homes and properties as a host to be able to quickly view booking dates and rates.

Hosts will be able to view who is staying at their listing and when.

Message templates will also be included in the added features for hosts that want to quickly reply to potential guests. An example of this would be a standard template on dog policies, or a statement discussing lodging details.

Changes to the app will be rolled out over the span of a few months, so users will not be able to use all of the new features immediately.

The company stated “We heard from many hosts during last year’s Airbnb Open that our mobile app is crucial for managing day-to-day tasks.”

An update for hosts makes sense for the company. Guests may only use the app once or twice a year, but hosts will use the Airbnb app much more often. Hosts often connect with Airbnb on a daily basis.

Feedback provided via Airbnb Open last year was the basis for the additional features that have been added into the app.

Messages take center stage on the app and will be accessible from the home screen. Hosts that are used to replying to common questions will be able to quickly save a message as a template to relieve the burden of copying and pasting the message time and time again.

Hosts will now be able to share photos through the app, too which will help further the experience for renters and hosts alike.

The features are expected to be rolled out on iOS and Android versions of the app over the next few months with no word on which features will be available first.