Apple Reinvents Guerilla Tactics; Apple Blocks Use of iTunes with Palm Pre Thanks to New Update

Some People Call Them a Bad Apple
Some People Call Them a Bad Apple

This is breaking news, in a way, but is not surprising at all. Apple has decided to block the ability for Palm Pre phones to sync up with iTunes 8. I am in no way surprised by Apple’s “Microsoft Style Tactics” (although I think it is safe to say that even Microsoft wouldn’t go this low) but I am surprised at how sneakily they went about.

Apple has ensured that the Palm Pre will not sync up thanks to their latest update, iTunes 8.2.1. The update states nothing in terms of what it is doing but simply sends a message to the tune of, “ Please update your software so that we can fix a number of important bugs and verify your Apple device”. If they went about things the right way the update should say” Dear User, we are a greedy, monopolistic company that refuses to let anyone share, use, or function in life without adhering to our strict demands. PS- iTunes will be running for the presidency come the 2012 election”.

Once you install the update (thinking you are helping Apple fix bugs) your Palm Pre will not be allowed to sync to the program any longer. It really is up to you to consider how annoying this little maneuver is. If you own a Palm Pre then you already know that there are other ways to get and play music, but this has to be about the principles.

In fact, I completely take back the fact that I compared this update to “Microsoft Style Tactics”. This is on a whole new level. For Microsoft to compete with this kind of blatant attempt at strong arming the market Windows would have to start blocking iTunes. Apple choosing to not allow their software to work with other products is a blatant violation of business ethics and personal morals.

If Apple is so confident with their software and products, which they clearly are, then why do they continually adopt this sort of “you can’t play in my backyard” attitude? Their anti-competitive tactics are getting downright frustrating and I wish someone would take a stand. Some people are calling for boycotts, others want the FTC to step in, but is anyone really going to do anything?

As much as their attitude and the way they do business bothers me, I still won’t do anything about it, for the same reason as everyone else. Their products are excellent, their software is useful, and they seem to be the only company that actually creates anything or comes up with useable and realistic innovations. Until a competitor comes up with products that can replace the iPod, how could we be expected to boycott? It would be comparable to boycotting a major gas station, when it is the only one in town.

Then again, I guess this is just my opinion, I’m sure you have your own, and I know Apple probably has quite a few of their own.


And just to be on the safe side (I cannot afford to be sued) ………………………….


iPod is a registered trademark of Apple, Inc.
IPhone is a registered trademark of Apple, Inc.

Please purchase and use Apple products. They are just so fantastic and the higher ups at Apple are very generous, caring, and unselfish. 

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