Apple Support App Reaches US After Debut Last Month


Apple’s standalone support app, called Apple Support, is now available for United States users. The app debuted last month to non-US users. Available on iOS 9.0 and later, the app has a 5-star rating on the App Store and connects users with an easy solution to solve their support issues.

The app connects users that need support with product documentations, email and chat features, the ability to schedule calls, and the optiontoschedule appointments directly through the app.

Centralized information is available and streamlined to customers who need support.

The app is personalized to users via iCloud. Users will not have to input information about their device into the support app. Registered devices are stored in the iCloud to allow for quick and easy support.

Product documentation is tailored to the app in use to make support easier.

A chat window can be opened to initiate a chat with an Apple expert. The expert will have access to your previous support history to better help you correct your problem. Users will schedule appointments for an in-store appointment at a nearby Apple store.

Users can find authorized repair providers in their location to have their device fixed promptly.

Notifications of upcoming appointments are sent directly to the user. The app comes ahead of the busy holiday season when customer service calls hit their peak. The app was released in the Netherlands last month to test the reliability of the app and work out bugs before reaching the US market.

Users also have the option to find further questions and troubleshooting options via a web link. Users who are trying to troubleshoot battery issues may be given a link to methods on optimizing their battery.

Estimated chat and phone wait times are provided.

Users can pick their device from a list, and if a product isn’t listed, users can choose to get help with other products that might not be on their product list. Featured articles are provided, too.