Apple to Offer Self-Driving Shuttle to Employees


Apple, known for being a leader in the mobile phone market, has ambitions that were once a secret effort to bring self-driving cars to the masses. The company considers autonomous vehicles the next “big thing,” but their ambitions to enter the self-driving market have seemed to wane in recent years.

Apple’s CEO Tim Cook stated in June that Apple was “focusing on autonomous systems.”

The systems provide the underlying technology needed for self-driving vehicles to run. The company doesn’t seem to have ambitions to offer their own Apple car in the immediate future.

The New York Times reports that the company is using their autonomous technology in a new, innovative way. A self-driving shuttle is in the works and will be installed in the company’s complex. The shuttle will transport employees from one building to another.

The project, called “Titan,” was discussed with the New York Times with none of the parties having authorization to speak of Titan. The individuals, speaking in anonymity, state that the shuttles will transport employees between the company’s Silicon Valley offices.

Reports indicate that the company will use a commercial vehicle and install their autonomous technology to allow the shuttle to operate. The shuttle will be used as a form of testing for Apple and will match what other companies, including Waymo and Cruise, have done to test and perfect their technologies.

Apple’s shuttle isn’t in service yet, with no confirmation from the company on when the shuttle service will open. The company is opening a new campus, called “Cupertino,” which is slated to open soon and may fit into the company’s plans.

Cupertino will include several offices, which makes it the perfect fit for a self-driving shuttle.

Titan, started in 2014, includes many Apple veterans working alongside experts in car building to bring Titan to fruition. The scale of the project led to internal problems and discussions of Apple not having a clear path for Titan.

The decision to offer self-driving systems grew out of the disagreement.