HP Expands Its Device as a Service (DaaS) Offering with iPhones & Macs


HP Inc. announced its plans to expand its DaaS business with Apple devices such as iPhone, iPad, Mac, and the Apple Watch.

The firm will provide support for the devices used by commercial customers in mixed operating system (OS) environments and as a result, will raise the bar for service delivery. Such moves will enable businesses to purchase hardware products with a subscription, rather than pay upfront.

On Feb 15, the company unveiled a new set of offerings for customers and more than 100 channel partners, including the launch of DaaS for Apple.

In addition to that, HP presented new virtual reality (VR) solutions and predictive analytics capabilities tailored to fit customers’ unique needs.

Bill Avey, global head and general manager, Personal Systems Services, HP Inc. noted, “The new HP Virtual Reality solutions, including the HP Z4 Workstation and HP Windows Mixed Reality VR headset, are now available as a service through HP DaaS.

According to the press release posted on the official company website, such moves will allow customers to pair Apple devices with HP’s world-class support, managed services, and analytics.

The new DaaS offering is a living proof that HP follows strictly its mission to find a new way to manage both HP and other manufacturer devices more effectively and efficiently.

The company predicts that the commercial device market will continue to grow exponentially: it expects that by 2020 more than 9 billion such devices will serve the needs of the consumers with an average of four devices per user.

HP was once an exclusive partner of Microsoft. The fact that HP introduces and starts selling exactly Apple devices as part of its Daas offering also reaffirms the position of Apple as a key player in the enterprise sector that Microsoft should now undermine. The partnership between HP and Apple will allow Apple to claim a bigger share of the market. This might come as alarming news for Microsoft, which during the past months has been focusing on developing cloud services and products like the Surface lineup.

Interested parties can learn more about the HP Device as a Service solution by visiting www.hp.com/go/DaaS