Cost Effective Tailored Microsoft Development Solutions Available In Redlands CA


    Does your business have a software requirement that off-the-shelf software can’t provide? Software Produx may have a cost-effective solution for you!

    The Redlands, CA based software development company, Software Produx, has launched a software development service focused on the Microsoft suite of products.

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    The service is aimed at small to medium businesses who require unique functionality either modifying existing software, or creating a new ground-up solution.

    Microsoft products include the well-known ‘Office’ package, SharePoint, with databases, Azure, SQL Server and Access. Software Produx’ new services focus specifically on assisting businesses with data-related issues.

    Software Produx is an official instructor of Microsoft Excel, and the team has extensive experience working with the Microsoft Office suite of products. The new services include advanced Access and Excel applications using Microsoft Visual Basic.

    For smaller systems and single-office use, the company can also provide custom libraries utilizing Microsoft Access. This tool is a rapid, efficient and inexpensive approach to application development.

    For more connected solutions, Software Produx also utilizes Microsoft Power Apps and SharePoint to develop applications that connect to business data across the web and mobile.

    In implementing any new solution, Software Produx offer three efficiencies. Firstly, the use of Power Apps and Access are rapid development tools which keep development costs down.

    The company also has access to its own, unique, library of reusable codes compiled over many years of development projects. The ability to access and reuse code from similar projects can greatly increase the efficiency and speed with which new applications are developed.

    Finally, Microsoft is one of the most widely used and supported software solutions, and Software Produx’ specialty in this field provides numerous benefits. More details can be seen here:

    Software Produx was founded by Davis DeBard, who holds a Software Engineering Masters Degree from Harvard University. DeBard is also a Microsoft Certified Solution Developer, Microsoft Access Certified Product Specialist, and Microsoft SQL Server Certified Specialist.

    The team also comprises product area specialists across a range of disciplines, and has over 30 years of experience.

    A representative of the company stated: “The ideal software solution for companies is to use generic software whenever practical, augmented by custom solutions for what sets your business apart from the crowd”.

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