Discover 10 More Reasons Why Humans Have Been Using Solar Energy For 3,000 Years


    Many residents in Victorville, Hesperia, and surrounding communities have already realized that a new day is dawning. With San Bernardino County being blessed by year-round sunshine, it might be time for you to get amped about solar too.

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    The likes of Southern California Edison keep providing you with several very good reasons to consider energy independence. And, yes, you will be doing your bit for the environment. But in case it still hasn’t dawned on you, Option One Solar points out 10 more electrifying facts about solar power.

    While the current trend towards solar energy often makes headlines, humans have actually been harnessing the power of the sun for thousands of years. Besides the fact that we sort of need the sun for all of our food, clever boffins have figured out that our cave-based brethren actually used the sun to light fires seven centuries before Jesus made an appearance.

    Of course, that is a far cry from the highly efficient technology that powers our homes and factories today. A much more relevant point of interest, mentioned by the folks at Option One Solar, is the fact that solar panels can also generate power from indirect light.

    You might have been discouraged by the notion that your property does not have ideal conditions. Think again, because solar cells will capture photons from any angle, including in the shade. You can escape the shackles of large utility corporations regardless of where your roof points.

    Option One Solar provides you with a further 8 useful facts and statistics about solar energy. The new piece is designed to encourage more homeowners and businesses to consider the long list of benefits the technology can provide.

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    Option One Solar was founded by Jerry Thomas, who previously worked as an electrical supervisor on the Apollo space program. Bringing those high standards to the solar industry, the company provides 25-year warranties on all panels, performance, labor, and ancillary equipment.

    If you’re thinking that your home doesn’t have the right conditions for solar, expert staff are on hand to provide you with advice and guidance. You don’t need to do it alone. The company can fit tier 1 panels to pitched and flat roofs, and ground or carport mounting systems are also available. 

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