Gamma & Partner Operator Connect Offer The Best SME Remote Workforce Solution


    Many small to medium-sized business owners have faced tech challenges during the health crisis. Have you been able to support your remote workforce? Are you ready to embrace a collaborative solution for your team? If you’ve answered ‘yes’, read on!

    The new announcement from Gamma reflects the fact that Microsoft Teams has experienced growth and is now used by almost 250 million individuals per month. It is the ideal tool to bring together your office-based and remote workers as it enhances your internal communications through its platform.

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    If your company has struggled to keep up with the new digital demands of hybrid or home-based employees, Gamma’s latest announcement is good news for you! When using Microsoft Teams, you can leverage your existing technology. You don’t need to overhaul your current systems.

    Operator Connect, the Microsoft programme Gamma has joined, is operator managed and offers seamless integration with Teams. The reputation of the company has earned its inclusion in the exclusive programme. The new partnership builds on 15 years’ experience of providing voice solutions for Microsoft and will streamline calling capabilities for Teams.

    This includes phone services that are offered through Gamma’s SIP Trunk Call Manager. In addition, when you select Gamma as your operator of choice, you will have access to many benefits, such as an augmented service with fraud management capabilities.

    The new announcement reflects the changing needs of business owners and employees. You may appreciate one of the additional features which overcomes a service failure or outage. This means you will still be able to make calls via the Gamma cloud using SIP Trunk Call Manager and access support when you need it most.

    Aside from giving you peace of mind, when you work with Gamma, you know you are using a robust, safe, and secure platform for your company operations.

    You may not be aware that Skype for Business will no longer be available after 2021, which is why Microsoft Teams is being offered as an alternative, and more advanced, internal communications platform.

    A company spokesperson said: “We’re proud to be part of the Operator Connect for Microsoft Teams programme and continue to work closely with Microsoft to deliver enhanced calling capabilities.”

    “Over the past decade, we’ve been supporting Microsoft services through various iterations, including Lync and Skype for Business. Teams is one of the most successful incarnations of unified communications Microsoft has given us,” they added.

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