US Manufacturers Use The Best Fiber Laser Cutting Technology With This Provider


    Are you a proud American manufacturer? Have you thought about enhancing your technological capabilities? Are you aware of the benefits of laser cutting compared to plasma cutting? Whatever you need, this provider can help you!

    The newly launched services from Reger Laser will further the company’s reputation among industrial manufacturers. Reger Laser is known for providing customers with high-quality metal plate cutting capabilities. By adding the Tanaka Laser FMZII Series to its offering, you will have access to advanced technology, regardless of where you are based in the USA.

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    If you are currently using plasma cutting techniques, you need to read this! Aside from helping Reger Laser to maintain its competitive edge, another advantage of adding the new Tanaka FMZII Series is the cutting consistency it enables. Plasma cutting machines cause inconsistencies in your final product, which means the product edges do not always match.

    Reger Laser states this can be problematic for manufacturers, especially if you need to construct your goods. Its newly added Fiber Laser sales service can help you overcome the limitations of plasma cutting. For instance, the Fiber laser bevel cutting machine, part of the Tanaka FMZII series, is easy to operate, offers you high productivity, and improved cutting surface quality.

    This machine uses special optical fiber cables made of high-quality silica glass to direct the laser beam across the metal. What this means for you is that it can cut the metal in half while also improving surface qualities, ranging from flatness to perpendicularity and the roughness. 

    Versatility is another feature of the Tanaka range, which can be supplied, repaired, and maintained by Reger Laser. Four different models feature in the Tanaka FMZII Series, 3 kilowatts, 6kW, 10kW, or 12kW. They can cut through mild steel up to 0.75, 1.2, 1.4, and 1.5 inches thick, respectively.

    As you know, stainless steel is tougher to cut. But it can be done by this series. The challenges cutting this metal presents are reflected in the range of thicknesses they can cut, which starts at 0.393 and moves up to 0.787, 1, and 1.18 inches.

    A company spokesperson said: “We are passionate about producing top quality fiber laser cutting machines. We know that with a niche industry like ours, it can be hard for businesses to find equipment that will get the job done and won’t wear down easily. Our Tanaka FMZII Series features machines that are capable of handling the needs of businesses who need consistent cuts in their metals.”

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