FUNancial Freedom: Home Study Financial Training For Kids Teaches Money Skills


    One of the most important things you can teach your children is how to manage money and invest for the future. Teaching your children from home can be challenging but O’Mahony and Chris Farrell can make learning about money fun!

    Their online training FUNancial Freedom is perfect for young entrepreneurs. It is affordable and a worthy investment for the financial future and freedom of your kids. Fun features are employed to show your kids meaningful and rewarding things to do with money.

    You can find more information about the training at https://muncheye– or if you prefer, you grab a free copy of the newly released book ReThink Money For Children and Teens by O’Mahony and Chris Farrell. It perfectly complements the online training.

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    It is never too late to start teaching kids about money. 

    The training teaches basic money concepts from counting coins to spending responsibly and how to solve money problems. It is never too early to start teaching children how to establish good financial habits. One of the best lessons parents can give to their child is how to become a good money manager.

    You can easily instill in your children the value of money and the responsibility that comes with having it.

    The creative minds behind FUNancial Freedom for kids are Paul O’Mahony and Chris Farrell. They are committed to helping children have a healthy relationship with money – at any age. The engaging program can support children in the ways they need throughout the many stages of their life.

    FUNancial Freedom is designed to teach children different aspects of money. It takes the kids on a step-by-step process of generating income both online and offline. The course also draws insightful ideas and stories from Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki. 

    Financial skills training programs are not created equally. Parents should boldly embrace the FUNancial Freedom money skills training as it is backed by the excellent track record of the program creators.

    Parents can also learn along with the kids and thus help them get additional financial education and experience.

    O’Mahony & Farrell decided to impact kids with their financial expertise and creativity and combined animation videos, kids-friendly app features, and cash flow board games to teach money skills for children.

    Join the FUNancial Freedom training course at https://muncheye–