Get The Best Wavelength Calibration Lamp For Accurate Data Analysis


    Do you work in a lab? Do you collect scientific data through imaging? Would you like to improve the accuracy of your results? If you’ve answered ‘yes’, this is wavelength calibration lamp for you!

    LightForm, Inc, a North Carolina based specialist provider of equipment to aid analytical spectral imaging, has launched a new wavelength calibration lamp.

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    In case you are wondering, the newly launched Multi-Ion Discharge Lamp (MIDL) wavelength calibration tool is eye-safe and designed to be used with all spectrometers, spectral imaging, and hyperspectral microscopy systems.

    LightForm, Inc, suggests that while wavelength calibration typically takes place in a factory environment, many factors can lead to minor changes to the wavelength accuracy. This includes transportation, installation, and time.

    Although the changes are rarely noticeable, there may be discrepancies once you have completed your data sets and compared them to the results from other labs that are using the same equipment as you.

    If you are a researcher who is building your own systems, you will understandably depend upon accurate wavelength equipment prior to any work beginning. The MIDL lamp is ideal for you and other lab specialists and is available in two formats: pencil or flat.

    The flat version is suitable for inverted microscopes whereas the pencil light is designed to be used upright. The MIDL lamp emits Hg+, Ar+ and inorganic fluorescence emission lines to provide an eye-safe absolute solution, rather than a relative, wavelength line spectrum.

    If you are a scientist or work within a lab, LightForm, Inc understands accuracy plays a crucial part in your collection of scientific data. As such, the new product has been designed with you and other professionals in mind.

    The MIDL wavelength calibration lamp is compatible for use with any hyperspectral imaging microscope system, spectrometers, imaging spectrometers, and microscope mounted multi-spectral imaging systems based on AOTF, LCTF devices and interfaces.

    A happy reviewer said: “As a new researcher, I wanted to make sure my data collection and results were as accurate as possible. We scientists need scientific accuracy, we don’t work on maybes. I’m thrilled with my new wavelength calibration lamp – I trust my results and know it is making a difference to my work.”

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