Get Specialist Point-To-Point Imaging With This Imaging Spectrometer Expert


    Analytical spectral imaging has never been easier thanks to the PARISS device from LightForm. Their new spectrophotometer has a modular design that allows it to be used in a range of different fields.

    Whether you want to manage ponds and lakes, check for microplastics, or are involved in medical research, it’s ideal. It offers the very best in point-to-point imagine for all your project needs.

    The PARISS device records the spectra of objects imaged onto the entrance slit of the spectrometer and can be used in a variety of ways.

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    With the cutting edge PARISS device, spectra of objects in the field of view that pass through the slit are captured by a camera, which is used as the spectral detector.

    Clients will find that the imaging spectrophotometer works with all classical analytical spectroscopy methods over the spectral range from 365 to 920-nm.

    PARISS mobile imaging devices can be used both in the clinic, in a laboratory, or on the factory floor. They can also be mounted on a tripod and carried for outdoor applications.

    When used with a CCD or CMOS camera spectrum detector, it becomes a powerful imaging spectrometer for high quality point-to-point imaging.

    This can be ideal for biological and medical research, solar energy research, and the detection of toxic algae. In addition to this, it’s ideal for detecting microplastics in sediment, and can also be used for forensic materials.

    LightForm created the cutting edge device to respond to the increased need for precise spectra measurement. It offers benefits like low signal-to-noise ratios, and can be tailored to the needs of the user.

    This is because it features a unique modular design, with a number of additional elements that can be bought separately. This design allows PARISS to be used for a huge variety of situations.

    LightForm states: “LightForm was the proud recipient of three National Institute of Health, SBIR grants. These awards funded the development of the PARISS® Analytical Hyperspectral Imaging system.”

    “PARISS was formally introduced to the market at the Pittsburgh Conference in 1998. PARISS can now be found in routine use in bio-research, medical, physics, chemistry, and industrial laboratories throughout the world.”

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