Heinz Creates the World’s Smallest Microwave; Zap Up Lunch Without Leaving Your Desk

A Hot Lunch Without Even Standing Up
A Hot Lunch Without Even Standing Up

It is becoming quite obvious that computers are getting decked out with new gadgets and gizmos all the time. It seems as though anything can be plugged into a USB port these days, and now Heinz has taken it to a whole other level.

Working simultaneously with GAMMA Microwaves, Heinz has created the world’s smallest microwave which can actually be used at your desk and is powered by USB. You will never again have an excuse for missing out on lunch. You do not even have to take two hands of off the keyboard, yet you can start cooking your food right in front of you.

Simply because the microwave is still in the early stages, pricing and availability information is not available yet. Our guess is that Heinz is trying to figure out a better way to protect keyboards from baked beans spillage before releasing it on the open market.

At this time, the microwave measures about 150 by 160 by 190 millimeters, which is just right to zap up that cold cup of coffee or a quick lunch. Hey, it might even help out a bit with portion control if that is one of your worries.

Heinz and Gamma started working on the world’s smallest microwave when recent studies showed that 20 percent of workers were passing on lunch as they were to busy to take the time away from their desk. Aside from the office though, just think about. You could heat up a pizza pop practically anywhere you take your computer; on the train to work, in your car or even on the beach. Wi-Fi and this microwave make the snack opportunities endless for even the busiest, or laziest,  people.

Don’t worry, we will let you know when you can get your hands on your very own. For now, just stick to Lunchables and Snack Packs and try to be patient.

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