The iRiver Wave Home;The Phone of the Future. Play Games, Make Calls, Surf the Net or Be Productive.

Convenience at your Breakfast Table with the iRiver Wave Home
Convenience at your Breakfast Table with the iRiver Wave Home

With smart phones taking over, more and more people are ditching their landlines in an attempt to save money, and take advantage of the convenience mobile phones bring. The internet is also becoming a hot spot for making telephone calls and communicating, and programs like Skype are quickly starting to dominant the scene. And now, the futuristic iRiver Wave Home has emerged which will ensure you never look at your home phone the same way again.


Work, Play or Socialize. The Choice is Yours


The iRiver Wave Home makes phone calls over the net, can browse the internet, can display photos and allows you to play video games on a spectacular touch screen that spans 7 inches. It is small enough to sit on your kitchen counter right next to your coffee maker, yet has a 1 gigabyte entertainment system within and a wi-fi video-phone. Essentially, you now have the ability to play chess against a computer genius overseas, talk face to face over the video phone with a friend, and eat breakfast all at the same time. 


Widgets Galore in the iRiver Wave Home


One of the best parts of the iRiver Wave Home is the ability to download applications, install new widgets and modify the system itself. You have the ability to utilize widgets that will constantly display updated sports scores, the weather, stock market figures or even family photos, pretty much whatever you are into.

This magic little box looks like something off of Star Trek and while revolutionize the way you use the internet and your phone. Get calling, get chatting, get playing or get working. The iRiver Wave Home lets you do whatever it is you need to do, whenever you need to do it.