The Kodak Zx1; An Affordable Video Camera that Can Catch all Life’s Little Moments in Crystal Clear HD

Durable, Reliable, High Quality and Affordable
Durable, Reliable, High Quality and Affordable

Whether you are heading out to a party, goofing off at work or heading out for a Sunday adventure, pocket, flash-based cameras that record video are fun and convenient. Capturing life’s little moments with these tiny and clever video cameras is something that we all love to do and the best way to create and retain memories. The problem is, that even though these video cameras are convenient, and look good on the small screen, once you plug ’em in or blow up the image on a big screen, the footage looks as grainy and old school as your high school graduation video. Times have changed, technology is better and it’s time to start using a video camera that can show it off.

Our hearts skipped a beat a little when we were introduced to the new Kodak Zx1. It can record and hold up to ten hours of video, which is more than enough time to make a classic YouTube video or even put together your own feature film. The best part is that, even though it is small and portable, it produces crystal clear video in 720p HD. The Kodak Zx1 has an LCD screen where you can review images and videos and has built in software that lets you upload vids onto YouTube or hook into any television or HD screen with its built in HDMI cable.

Two more added bonuses when it comes to the Kodak Zx1 are the price and its durability. The mini video camera is incredibly tough which makes it perfect for a camping weekend or just a shopping spree at the mall. It is water proof, freeze proof and dirt resistant. And all of this yet it still comes in at around $150. Affordability, reliability and uninhibited fun all wrapped into one, tiny package. The Zx1 has everything you need to create lasting memories or tasteless, high res videos that will instantly become viral, the choice is all yours. So get out there and get filming, you never know what you will record with the pocketable Kodak Zx1.

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