Super Mario App to be Released on Apple’s App Store


Nintendo made a big announcement yesterday at the Apple launch event: the release of “Super Mario Run” on the app store. The announcement sent Nintendo shares soaring 28% and was applauded by Apple CEO Tim Cook.

The new app will follow the same classic Mario that fans know and love.

The game will be simple, with users tapping to make the plumber collect coins while running to beat the clock. The game can be played with one hand in an effort to allow users to better multitask while playing.

Apple announced at the event that they have 500,000 apps on the app store.

Nintendo’s Shigeru Miyamoto revealed the surprise announcement at the Apple Event. Apple confirmed that the game will also be available on the Apple Watch.

Tim Cook introduced Miyamoto to the crowd and let the gaming legend present the game to the public. The crowd applauded Miyamoto and showed interest in the retro 80s game. Nintendo, 32% owner of Pokémon Go, will also be releasing the game for the Apple Watch, according to an announcement at the event.

Tim Cook acknowledged that one game has always been missing from the App Store: Super Mario. Miyamoto, amped up the crowd, stating, “For the past 30 years, every time Mario has encountered a new platform, he has continued running toward a new goal.”

Miyamoto introduced the game in Japanese, his native language.

The iconic green flag pole that users will remember from the Super Mario franchise will still be present, as Mario runs to the right of the screen to reach the end of the level in time. The game will increase in difficulty in further levels, which will allow the character to switch directions on the screen and collide with other objects, much like the console game.

There is also a competitive mode that can be played between players.

The game will not be free, and will be available before the holiday season.