WoW Legion Companion App Released on iOS and Android


World of Warcraft released their new WoW Legion Companion app on Tuesday following the company’s routine maintenance. The app allows players of the company’s recent Legion expansion to interact with their characters on-the-go.

Users will be able to track all of their active world quests to be able to jump into the game and play when a quest is available. Emissary bounty availability will also be listed in the app.

Class Order Hall missions will be available to be tracked and started while users are on their smartphones. Missions have varying hour counts, so users trying to earn rewards or boost their followers’ experience levels will be able to do so without logging into the game to play.

Users will be able to recruit troops for future missions, collect rewards, start missions and upgrade follower gear all within the app’s interface.

Order Hall Progress will be able to be accessed within the app. Users will be able to track their Order Hall status and research new advancements while not on their PC or laptop.

The app requires users to log into their current account, which must maintain a valid subscription and purchase of the Legion expansion. The app has over 7,000 reviews on Google Play within just one day and a 4.7 rating.

The app is available on all iOS devices, and has 286 ratings.

Users will be able to view their world map and log into several characters just as they would through the game itself. The sleek interface is designed to look like the Legion loading screen and mimics the game’s normal play well.

A major complaint with the app itself is that it will send notifications that research has been completed when it’s still in progress. Users have had to disable notifications, as the app will send numerous notifications erroneously. Despite a few bugs, the app offers a way for users to be able to stay connected to Azeroth even when they’re not at their PC.

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