Soundtrap Raises $6 Million in Series A Round Funding to Expand Operations


Startup Soundtrap announced that the company has raised $6 million in a Series A funding round. The startup offers an online music and audio recording studio that is cloud-based. Collaboration between musicians, DJs and anyone else on a team can occur from anywhere in the world on the company’s platform.

Soundtrap started in 2012 and is available on Android, iOS, Chromebook, Windows and Mac.

The company’s growth has led to thousands of new users per day, with the company expecting to reach the 1 million user milestone before the end of the year. Soundtrap’s product has been bundled into an education version, which has been a major driver in growth since its reveal in 2016. The education version lures in over 200 new schools per week from around the world.

Industrifonden, a Nordic VC firm, led the funding round. The former CFO and COO of Spotify, Peter Sterky, also invested in the company.

Total funding has reached $8.5 million.

Browser-based, Soundtrap offers a cross-platform solution that its main competitors have failed to do. Founded on the vision of making music and audio production available to the masses, the company makes it easy to use and collaborate on music from anywhere in the world.

The company’s products officially launched in June 2015, and Soundtrap has stated that they have over 500,000 users from countries around the world.

Users benefit from cloud-storage, where all work is stored on the cloud and can be accessed seamlessly from other devices. Composers can work on a piece on a desktop, and travel across the world and continue where they left off on their smartphone.

The platform allows for music recording, sequencing and includes a suite of tools to enhance the user’s audio.

Google chose the company as one of three to be placed into the company’s “Creative Apps for Chromebook.” Soundtrap has worked closely alongside Google to offer special pricing and options for schools.