HootApps Releases Luna Launcher to Make Android Phones Kid-Friendly


HootApps released a new app called Luna Launcher this week. The app, currently only available on the Android operating system, enables Android devices to be more kid-friendly. The unique approach allows for fun and vibrant icons to be displayed, and parents have full control over the phone’s apps and function.

The app will limit access for numbers the child can call as well as who the child can text for added safety.

Interacting with the operating system, something that can’t be done in iOS, allows for complete lists of numbers that can be texted or called by a child. This limits random calls your child can make or receive.

The app takes a different approach to kid launchers because it acts as a smart utility rather than a completely different operating system. The app can transform a phone or tablet into a preteen-ready option.

Parents who choose to install the app on their child’s phone will have to create a unique profile on setup. The profile will dictate which apps are available and can be used. You can also add shortcuts to call mom or dad directly on the phone. Kids will be able to have a safe and easy way to keep in touch with parents when they’re at a friend’s house or after school activity.

Usage can be tracked as well as a host of customizable options which are present.

A custom YouTube player is built into the app that allows for complete customization of what kids can see. This acts as a filter to ensure kids aren’t watching videos that are geared towards adults.

The app is available on the Google Play store.

Luna Launcher is a bit quirky and does freeze on occasion, but it expands on parental controls while still allowing users to go beyond basic games and educational apps.